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At Human Movement Lab We Specialize In Two Things:

Helping people permanently fix pain and injury issues, almost always after previous efforts didn’t work. Too many people are walking around thinking that they will just have to live with a limitation when really they just haven’t gotten the right information yet.

Helping people learn more efficient ways to spend their time exercising. You could be getting ten times more out of the same amount of time. There is a giant gap between what the top 50 experts in the world in 2018 recommend and what most people are doing at the gym.

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Site Of Pain Vs Source Of Pain

The pain site and the pain source are almost never in the same place. The reason most rehab and therapy efforts are ineffective is because they only treat the area of the pain, which is almost never where the source of the pain is.

It is the equivalent of mopping the floor instead of fixing the leaky pipe. A mop treats symptoms and a wrench fixes the true source of the problem. Be careful you aren’t pursuing a mop strategy because they are everywhere.

It’s All About The Hips & Trunk

No matter where a pain issue is, the cause almost always has something to do with how the hips and trunk work together. Even with plantar fasciitis, a chronically tight neck, or low back pain, dysfunction in the hips and trunk – the area between the green lines in this image – is often the true source.

How It Works When You Start With Us:

We recommend that clients come in 2-3 times per week and we will also set you up with 10-15 minutes of home programming for you to do each day on your own. Your home program will change over time and it’s easy to follow through our app that you will download.

  1. 1Review your goals and detailed pain/injury and activity history and go through functional movement screen that gives us your unique movement fingerprint.
  2. 2We then customize corrective programming unique to you (10 people with low back problems can have ten different movement issues causing the problem so it’s important to not apply a one size fits all approach)
  3. 3As you progress through the corrective and functional programming, you will never be attempting anything you are not ready for since there are checkpoints at each level to make sure you are ready for each movement that we use to correct and lock in better movement patterns. The best exercise or movement when you are ready for it can be a bad idea if you aren’t ready.
  4. 4Most programs start out as corrective and then become more focused on functional strength once the movement issues are fixed. No rehab effort is complete without eventually adding some full body strength that incorporates the nervous system. This strength is needed for everyday activities, protects joints from inappropriate stress, and locks in and makes permanent the movement changes that were made during the corrective phase.


“Living with chronic pain was debilitating and depressing and finding someone that I trusted and that could help me took over 3 years. I am so grateful I tried HML and met Eric, he has helped me become strong and feel healthy again, when I had genuinely lost hope of feeling those things again.”

Amanda Gonsoulin

Amanda Gonsoulin


“I was surprised at the results I was feeling and seeing just 3 weeks after coming in for the first time. It was a crazy feeling to notice a difference in the way I was walking just a few weeks into training there. I think it’s really important for people to know how well Eric explains the form and mechanics of all exercises.”

Andrew Dentler

Andrew Dentler

Pro Beach Volleyball Player

“I was really stiff at the beginning and could hardly do anything. Mobility increased quite a bit, posture improved a lot… I was surprised that I am now able to lift considerable weight in the safe position of a hip hinge and I feel totally fine and much lighter walking around all the time…”

George Schofhauser

George Schofhauser


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