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Our Mission

Our mission is to help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the healthcare industry by focusing more on identifying risk and preventing health problems rather than reacting to them once they have already happened.
The area of prevention in which we specialize is chronic pain, injury and correcting the gradual erosion of fundamental human movement patterns.

We help people fix pain and injury issues that they have not been able to solve. We also work with pain free people interested in learning how to get more out of their workouts, spend their time more efficiently, prevent injuries, and develop balance, functional strength, and fluid athletic movement on a new level. Most people have an elevated injury risk they are unaware of and are seriously inefficient with how they spend their time exercising. Let’s change that.

In a way, you can split preventable health problems into two categories – chronic disease (heart disease, diabetes, etc.) and musculoskeletal issues (low back pain, knee problems, etc). We focus on the latter.

We work with the best clinicians, experts and researchers and feel that we use the best system that exists to identify and correct the movement problems that increase risk of pain and injury. Mobility should not decrease with age. Once these basics are corrected, we progress clients into fitness education programs to teach the most effective and efficient ways to maintain functional strength, mobility, and fluid, coordinated movement. There is a bright side and a dark side to the healthcare industry.

On the one hand, we have many of the best practitioners, treatments, and advanced technologies that are all changing countless lives for the better. Amazing outcomes and improvements are happening all the time. On the other hand, many of the fundamental ways that the healthcare system works are dysfunctional. Big Pharma, big food, and big healthcare often successfully block or slow down attempts to improve health outcomes because they would negatively impact these groups’ profitability. Over-treatment happens often, and since there is more money in reacting to problems once they develop than in preventing them, it is harder than it should be to make big changes in the way the system works.

If prevention plans start working in a major way, the healthcare industry shrinks and makes less money since the need for care will go down. This shrinking should be the goal. Industries are not designed to voluntarily become smaller by becoming more effective but that is what needs to happen. Where and how money is spent in healthcare needs to change drastically and that will eventually cause less money to be spent overall. Most of the ways that the healthcare system works are just like a stale, un-creative, outdated  taxi company – It’s our VISION to help “Uber” the healthcare industry.

Satellite Offices

Open as many facilities as possible to work with people one on one and in small groups to help identify risk, eliminate pain issues, and teach fitness education and body maintenance.

Our methods and efficiency are light years ahead of conventional training. We work closely with the top 3% of physical therapists, fitness coaches, orthopedic specialists, personal trainers, yoga instructors, and chiropractors. We consider our approach to be a hybrid of all of these specialties. We are movement specialists. The understanding of movement and pain issues has improved more in the last five years than in the previous 50 but it is taking a while for many professionals to update their strategies.

Work with forward thinking companies who realize the importance of a healthy and pain-free workforce.

Every day more employers are seeing the importance of investing in wellness to boost company culture, quality of life, and healthcare and workers comp bottom lines. Insurance companies will never provide truly effective prevention programs because it is not in their financial interests – so we can’t wait for the solution to come from them. We help set up empowering employee health programs focused on identifying and removing risks of pain and injury while also progressing into balance, functional strength and fitness education and training that works for all ages and activity levels. The positive impact that these types of programs have is remarkable.

Innovative Collaborations

Corporate Wellness

Partner and consult with existing corporate wellness companies to provide an essential and often missing piece of health risk reduction.

Corporate wellness is an exciting and helpful part of improving healthcare in general. The top wellness companies in the country do an amazing job at nutrition education, chronic disease monitoring, health coaching, blood work and creating incentives. As good as they are with motivation, nutrition and managing chronic disease, even the top companies in this field have little more on the pain and injury side of prevention than free pedometers and discounted gym memberships to gyms where they most likely promote outdated and inefficient training, injury risk is not measured, and members are not instructed correctly on the best way to spend their time given their individual needs and fitness levels. This is where we can add tremendous value by adding a missing piece of health risk reduction to already successful wellness programs.

Let’s Do This.

We exist at the intersection of rehab, fitness education, and prevention. We work with our clients to end their pain, and educate them on how to stay healthy, strong and pain free for life. Soon we will also offer a few products that are going to change peoples lives. Don’t wait for a problem to take action – they are much faster and easier to correct the sooner you start. If you’re not close enough to see us, we can put you in touch with the best people in your area. Let’s do this.

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