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Being able to “load the hips” is essential for every person at every age and activity level. No one can afford to leave this out. Even your grandmother.

As we have referenced in other posts, the hips are the center of the movement universe. It is virtually impossible for your body to move and work properly if your hips don’t hinge properly and work well with the stability of your trunk. Dysfunction in the area around your pelvis can shoot pain, stiffness and dysfunction all the way to your head and neck and all the way to your calves and feet. It is crucial to focus on fixing the center. Dr. Chris Powers who is one of the world’s leading experts in lower body mechanics and knee injury reminds us that “the true core is the pelvis” and “ab training without hip strength training is useless”. When the hips hinge and move properly, the muscles of the hips (glutes) and trunk work together – it is not enough for them to work independently – in fact unless they work well together, then you can’t say that they work right at all. There is no situation where the hips or trunk work alone in any real world situation.

A hip hinge is the most central movement of the upright human. Period. This is not just for athletes or young active people. It is important that every person learn or relearn how to load this hips in a hip hinge, and maintain this ability throughout the lifespan. Some people need to reach other milestones before they are ready for the hip hinge, but the hip hinge is the destination for everyone. We rely on this hip hinge motion hundreds if not thousands of times per day during every level of activity. If you have lost this movement ability as many people have, your hips, which are the largest and most powerful muscle group in your body, are not doing the work they should. Because the hips aren’t absorbing force properly, your joints, spine, and many other muscle groups are put under a huge amount of stress that they are not designed to handle. They now have to pick up the slack for your dysfunctional hip mechanics and this causes overuse, wear and breakdown over time. A hip hinge and all of the prerequisites of a hip hinge should be a mandatory part of everyone’s fitness programming. Strength training starts with the core and hips. Forget about bicep curls. If you don’t have functional hip strength, no other type of strength means anything.

Thanks for reading through this point that we find useful and important. Remember that this post you just read is only one of ten key points that define our overall approach.

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